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Managing your energy data: ePoint

As an energy entrepreneur, your decisions need to be supported by sound energy data management. However, the amount of data you need to collect, store and interpret for buying energy库博体育官网 is enormous:

  • Energy contracts with a multitude of parameters and formulas.
  • Different price fixing or unfixing confirmations when you apply advanced energy price management techniques. 
  • Monthly invoices with a multitude of parameters. 
  • Metering data to better understand how you consume energy. 
  • Overarching information, such as market developments or regulations.

Keeping track of all this information can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially when your organisation has many different production sites. This is time that you would rather spend on taking decisions.

80% of the large international companies that we talk to are incapable of saying how much they consume and/or the level of their energy spend. How about you? And if the answer is yes, are you able to keep this information up to date? If so, is it presented in a format that is responsive all internal stakeholder needs? How often do you have to crunch the numbers yourself in an excel spreadsheet when asked for specific information? And are you sure your reporting tools are not dictating the way you buy energy? And all those shiny reports that your system generates, do you really use them? Do they really bring an added value?

库博体育官网 describes E&C service controls, more specific the design and implementation of it to provide insight and stakeholder assurance. 

库博体育官网More information on ePoint, the energy management software that combines style & substance?

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