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Do you want to become an energy entrepreneur? Do you want “the girl/guy that buys energy for our company” to become “that energy market expert who protects us from energy price volatility and saves us a lot of money”? E&C will work closely with you to produce tailor-made energy consultancy advice that takes your energy procurement to the next level. Follow our lead and you will get the thumbs-up for making your company show leadership in the energy markets. To achieve this goal, consider that “opposites attract”. A large organization needs an agile, dedicated and passionate consultant like E&C to respond to its specific needs.
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Your energy budget stakeholders expect a single report that aggregates portfolio, consumption and cost information from all corners of the planet. Markets may not look alike, but the risk that they create for your financial bottom-line is similar. This makes the case for rolling out a global energy strategy. The only way you can become an energy entrepreneur for your company is to embrace a global perspective on energy and not limit yourself to a country-centric approach. 
E&C has managed to established a broad international presence without losing any of its entrepreneurial spirit. Our international boutique consultancy offers a unique blend of global capabilities and local expertise. Our centralized back-office and management team guarantees an integrated approach while our diverse team of consultants ensures due consideration of
local market conditions.

What people are saying about E&C

库博体育官网“Together with E&C, we are gradually improving our maturity in Energy Procurement across Bombardier (Aerospace and Transportation). They support us in optimizing our energy procurement step by step. Having started with only one location, we are now collaborating in 8 countries in Europe and North America and there is more to look forward to.”

, Global Category Lead at

库博体育官网“E&C succeeded in negotiating a contract without any volume requirements - an essential condition due to the volatile business we’re in. Their tendering, combined with their accurate follow-up of the energy markets, resulted in an average hedged electricity price that was 15% below that of last year.”

Ludo Heylen库博体育官网, Purchasing Manager at

“E&C realized that our passive approach to energy payments was costing us money. By analyzing our invoices and discussing with engineers, they found out that our capacitors were being set up on the wrong connection points. This realization saved us 60,000 euro per year.”

Client active in food manufacturing

“E&C created a tailor-made executive summary that combined all of our hedging and financial controlling activities. It gave us an overview of the portfolio situation for electricity, gas and injections, and provided a detailed breakdown of the cost per month for several of our sites. The file is updated each month to show the cost evolution and compare it with the previous year as well as with our internal targets. This makes following-up easy and and ensures effective decision-making.”

库博体育官网, Purchase Manager at

库博体育官网“Pre-financial crisis, energy markets were soaring, increasing daily - and positions were purchased in panic at high prices. We recognized that no one can predict the behaviour of the markets - engaging E&C helped us develop a buying strategy and we gained control over our energy cost and risk exposure.”

, Purchasing Manager at

库博体育官网“Thanks to E&C, our P&L is no longer affected by unexpected energy budget increases like we saw in 2008”

库博体育官网库博体育官网 active in tourism industry

“E&C has been a great partner in our effort to switch away from a decentralized, fragmented approach for Utilities to a Strategic Centralised approach for 10 mature markets. We now have full visibility in our consumption on the SharePoint and are able to make much more informative decisions for the purchases. Moreover we are able to efficiently plan ahead for years to come and achieve better budget stability.”

, Group Strategic Procurement Manager at

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